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Christian Lauber and Clarissa Matter

Trauma pedagogy is art. It is precisely this combination that makes the DuoCLA: Christian Lauber originally trained as a bricklayer and in 2016 completed his training as a social pedagogue at the higher technical school for social pedagogy in Lausanne (today ESSIL)  completed. For 8 years he has been working in the Viktoria Foundation Richigen, in the enforcement of measures for adolescents and young adults. In 2024 he will complete the training as an emergency and trauma educator at the International Institute for Emergency and Trauma Education, IINTPKarlsruhe conclude. He has also been playing the violin since childhood and has been performing as a solo violinist with DuoCla since 2021, providing musical accompaniment to Clarissa’s dance or aerial silks.

The two are not only involved as a duo on stage, but also give their Cie. DimensionArte, based in Interlaken, joint courses. These include integrative dance lessons and discos, project weeks for schools and homes and circus courses for young and old.

In 2023 they found Cie. DimensionArte, based in Interlaken.



Rosenstrasse 9

3800 Interlaken

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